Time and health are two precious assets
that we don't recognize and appreciate until they have been depleted.
-Denis Waitley

He who has health, has hope.
And he, who has hope, has everything.
-Arabian Proverb

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being,
and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
-World Health Organization



WHY Volunteer???? Experience shows that a local community must be able to sustain itself for the first 72 hours following a disaster until outside help can arrive. Trained volunteers are a critical part of this initial response.

Help your family, your friends and your community. Sign up to become a Public Health Volunteer.

Every person has a skill, talent or experience that can be invaluable to a community.

Volunteer for Public Health Emergencies (Complete the Volunteer trainings below) or just one day, one hour, one week-any amount of time you give is priceless to the person you help.

Volunteers are a valuable resource for Public Health. The McDonald County Health Department relies on volunteers during daily activities, flu season, health fairs and emergencies. There are several areas that may interest you. Our Volunteer Coordinator will discuss opportunities with you.

Volunteer Trainings

All volunteers interested in assisting in an emergency must complete theVolunteer Trainings and the Volunteer Application

Public Health Volunteers are trained in how to plan, prepare for and participate in public health response to a variety of disaster situations as well as non-emergency times. Volunteers complete an application, background check, training and practice durining an exercise. You will primarily volunteer in your county but may make yourself available to help neighborning counties in southwest Missouri, if you wish.

Volunteer Today

We would enjoy speaking with you about volunteering. For more information contact our Volunteer Coordinator by phone 417-223-4351 ext 0 or Email