Welcome to McDonald County Health Dept.

In an effort to protect the public, we will be offering  limited services  via drive up only: Please call first

Covid 19 Updates



While Missouri has 11,232 presumed positive cases, there are 14 confirmed cases in McDonald County. This situation is evolving and subject to change. We will keep you informed as changes arise. 

Transmission Risks

  1. People who have been in an area with ongoing spread of COVID-19
  2. Older adults and those with serious health conditions
  3. Those in close contacts of a known case of COVID-19. Stay informed regarding the ongoing spread at the  CDC link below:


Most people will have mild effects from the virus, but it can cause severe illness and pneumonia in others. 

Symptoms include: 

  1. Fever (100.4 or greater)
  2. Cough
  3. Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

If you have symptoms:

Most people will experience symptoms of a mild cold or flu and should recover fine. If symptoms progress and you have difficulty breathing, call your doctor or ER right away and ask for instructions on how to proceed safely to a healthcare facility. It is important to notify the facility before arriving, so they can prepare to receive you in a safe manner. 


While, there are no specific treatments for this illness, but most people recover on their own. Here are a few remedies to relieve symptoms: 

  1. Take medications to relieve pain and fever
  2. Drink plenty of fluids
  3. Stay home and get plenty of rest